Rocky roadside house

Look at it sitting so well in it’s environment, love love love it. Designer Claven Rossier bravo.

Right beside the road, you can't miss it.

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It’s Spring in the southern hemisphere

Our tiny garden has burst into yummy things for bees and birds to visit, berries and blossoms on almost everything. Those who don’t do either are looking plump and perky. There’s a bird nearby who sings like a text message tone at the end of each day – fools me every time.

Delicate and modest, the manchurian pear blossoms are attracting a frenzy of bees.

Hundreds of berries on the ornamental bamboo hang in bright bunches.

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No time for sleep

I’m having too much fun tonight, especially since the others in the house have gone to bed. I have tackled Lucy’s Neat Ripple Pattern using thick yarn which is so rewarding in terms of achievement for effort. Lucy’s blog is Attic24 and she has inspired many of us to either begin or return to the world of crochet. I’ve also begun on my lap which could become a personal diary of mine, a flash in the pan, or something in between. I wonder…

Fabulous instructions, this is so easy, no hiccups, thank you Lucy – my ripple cushion is on it’s way!

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